Cause:PAWS Gives Lessons in Kindness to Stephens County Schools

This school year, Cause: PAWS, Inc. is reaching Stephens County’s youngest citizens with lessons in kindness to animals. Cause: PAWS is providing 29 Stephens County elementary-school classrooms (over 800 children) with the children’s newspaper KIND News to help teachers encourage good character in children. The award-winning newspaper teaches children about proper pet care, respect for wildlife and other topics through articles, activities, projects, and puzzles.

Earlier this year, Cause: PAWS started an Adopt-a-Classroom program to fund the initiative and has received donations from individuals and businesses. The Adopt-a-Classroom program and KIND News will be a vital part of Cause: PAWS’ efforts to help solve animal-related problems in Stephens County, including pet overpopulation, neglect, and cruelty.

Cause: PAWS is seeking individuals to further support the program to achieve its goal of adopting all 94 K-5 classrooms in Stephens County. Donors may select a specific classroom to receive these materials or Cause: PAWS can make the selection from their list of classrooms waiting to be adopted. Each $30 contribution made to Cause: PAWS for the Adopt-a-Classroom programs provides a K-5 teacher and his or her class with 28 copies of KIND News and a teacher’s guide five times during the school year. Teachers also have access to reproducible worksheets to reinforce lessons in kindness.

“A Humane Society survey of teachers reported that 74% believed that consistent exposure to Kind News has improved their students’ treatment of one another.” said Laura Williams, President of Cause: PAWS, Inc. “We encourage the teachers to send the newspaper home with students after any classroom activities. The material is age appropriate for the students and they are excited to share it with their entire family.”

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